We are working collectively to lower the environmental impact we have as a community by designing low carbon homes. We will build high performance homes that are designed on passive solar principles and highly insulated so that they need very little energy to run.

By committing to using natural & low carbon building materials we help move the construction industry towards truly decarbonising the way we build and create healthy homes and spaces for our communities to live in.

Where we can we will use renewable energy, manage our water use with recycling, minimise the amount we use and the amount of waste we produce as a community… Our members will help us be more sustainable!

YorSpace are keen to develop growing space for communities to use – helping reduce our reliance on high embodied energy imported foods.

We want to change the way we live by building our community in a central, urban location so we can stay better connected and use cycling, walking and public transport as our primary transport and making us less reliant on driving.