There is still time to persuade City of York Council to support our bid. Dafydd Williams, the Leader of the Council, will announce the Council’s decision on 19th March. Please contact Cllr Williams to demonstrate your support for our project.

Cllr William’s email address is and his twitter is @dafwilliams78

Feel free to mention any or all of the plus points of our project to the council:

  • YorSpace will invest £1.8 million in new low cost and social housing at no cost to the City.
  • It will create 14 new homes that are affordable to people on low to medium incomes – people who are increasingly financially excluded from the area.
  • The Council will profit from the sale. YorSpace will pay CoYC for the chance to build 100% low cost and social housing
  • The development will add in perpetuity to the City’s stock of low cost housing.
  • It will enable older people to remain independent in their own homes for longer.
  • The homes will be environmentally sustainable to Passivhaus levels of thermal performance.
  • The scheme incorporates a community compost point with the potential to divert all local green waste away from landfill.
  • There will be no increase in the number of private cars associated with the site.
  • It creates a realistic way for people on low to medium incomes to build equity and step on to the housing ladder
  • York lacks this type of housing development. The proposal represents a new way to build low cost housing and at the same time inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities.

Thank you for your support – please back the bid!

Team YorSpace

Back the bid!