We are looking for investment to help get our project off the ground.
The Council deadline for bids is the 30th January 2015 – We have managed to secure the funds for the 10% deposit needed. However, we are falling short in raising enough capital to secure a loan to complete the purchase and redevelop the site.
Therefore we are looking to the wider community to pledge their support in generating the funds to make this happen.
We want to offer supporters a return on their investment as we believe the project is financially viable in the long term. However this is a complex procedure to complete in the short time we have been given by the Council. We are currently working hard to finalise the details of this investment strategy.
What we are asking you for at this stage are pledges of financial support for this scheme until we have a vehicle in place in which you can invest safely and securely.
Our target figure to raise is £450,000. This is huge challenge for a small community group so please dig deep!
We ask that you contact us via our support page and pledge!
Help us make this happen