YorSpace is a group of York residents who believe that there must be a better way to address the issue of unaffordable house prices and constantly rising rents in their city. We’ve all benefited from York’s unique sense of community, but all find ourselves significantly challenged by its relative unaffordability.

Brought together by a shared desire to put an end to this problem, the group is made up of friends and neighbours with a variety of backgrounds and whose professional experience includes everything from architecture and bioscience to writing and film-making.

The YorSpace project aims to help our group and other local people find a way onto the housing ladder by developing a site in York into low-cost, environmentally friendly housing along cohousing principles, providing homes for those with genuine housing need, a connection to the city, and a desire to be part of a pro-active and close-knit community.

YorSpace believes that community and environmental sustainability should be at the heart of housing development.

We can address the growing affordability gap in the UK housing market with an innovative, cooperative, mutual home ownership model. Bringing together support from the wider community we will provide environmentally sustainable, cooperatively owned, low cost homes to a diverse group of families and individuals who share a desire to live, work and belong in York.

We’re working hard to make this dream a reality — we’d love it if you’d join us.

For a flavour of what drives our core team, please see local press release  “We can fix city’s housing crisis by putting community before profit” – a feature on YorSpace members discussing why we formed and what are plans were in 2015. Link HERE.

To learn more about how we work and to become a member please make sure to visit our get involved page here.

The Hub

This is a group of members who take on the day-to-day management of the Society – this group meets at least once a month to collaborate on YorSpace tasks and organise and attend other events and meetings as and when they are needed.  Members of The Hub are expected to take on responsibility for driving forward our project.

This group is run using Sociocratic principles that creates consent group decision making and The Board of Directors will be part of this group, with equal status and say as other non-board members.  Any Member can join The Hub, whether they want to live in a YorSpace property or not. By choosing to become a member you agree to commit to help the Society meet its Vision, Mission and Aims.

YorSpace is a member-led organisation so to get more involved, we need to get to know you a bit better. We host regular social meetings to help make this happen where everyone can get to know each other better. Please sign up here and we will keep you posted with future opportunities to meet and join our team!

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