Our Project

The YorSpace project aims to help local people find a way onto the housing ladder by developing a site in York into low-cost, environmentally friendly housing along cohousing principles, providing homes for those in housing need, a connection to the city, and a desire to be part of a proactive and close-knit community.

YorSpace believes that community and environmental sustainability should be at the heart of housing development and that the people best placed to deliver local housing are local residents themselves.

We can address the growing affordability gap in the UK housing market with an innovative, cooperative, mutual home ownership model. Bringing together support from the wider community we will provide environmentally sustainable, cooperatively owned, low cost homes to a diverse group of families and individuals who share a desire to live, work and belong in York.

Our project aims to create housing that is:

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Cooperatively Owned
  • Community Focussed

Development of the plans for our first project at Lowfield Green are well underway. To find out more click HERE!