We are York’s community land trust

We are York’s community land trust

As a community land trust, we’re a non-profit organisation that owns and develops land for the benefit of the community.

That benefit can come in lots of different ways – from affordable homes, to community gardens, to civic amenities and more. And we help make those things happen in lots of different ways.

Revenue growth & fundraising
Volunteering & people development
Consultancy & project management
Enabling & facilitation of wider activity
Advocacy, campaigning & activism
Holding land for community benefit
Holder of long term sector relations

We’re bringing affordable homes to York

How YorSpace will make a difference.

Permanently affordable

The lack of affordable housing in York needs to be tackled urgently. Our new model will create permanently affordable homes which form an essential part of the solution.

Sustainability built in

We’re building high-performance homes designed on passive solar principles and highly insulated, reducing the power they consume and making them cheaper to run.

Homes that are sustainably built

We’re committed to using natural & low carbon building materials, helping to pioneer the shift towards a full decarbonisation of homes and communities.

Built around the needs of people

By embedding fairness and cooperation in all our decision making, we’re creating homes that put community inclusion and cohesion at the heart of their design.

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We’re creating homes that meet the needs of people

Frequently asked questions

What is a community land trust?

Community land trusts – or CLTs – are democratic, non profit organisations that own and develop land for the benefit of the community. They typically provide affordable homes, community gardens, civic buildings, pubs, shops, shared workspace, energy schemes and conservation landscapes.

Community land trusts are:

To learn more about community land trusts, visit the Community Land Trust Network

What are One Planet Living principles?

One Planet Living is a sustainability framework used to design and shape YorSpace homes. It is different from other sustainability frameworks because:

What is mutual home ownership?

Mutual Home Ownership (MHO) is a new form of home ownership with affordability at its heart.

People living in MHO properties pay a deposit and make monthly payments under the terms of a long lease. In making payments, they accrue collective ownership of a cooperative society.

Ownership is long-term and secure. If a resident wishes to leave, their lease and occupancy rights are transferred to a new incoming member, and their accrued equity in the society is returned to them.

By dealing in equity shares rather than ownership, the property is held outside of the market, and the affordability created is recycled from one generation of occupants to the next.

The model creates a new way of owning equity in the value of residential property. Although relatively new, the model is tried and tested.