YorSpace have been awarded a grant through Power To Change, the independent charitable trust given £150 million from the Big Lottery Fund to support and develop community business for charitable purposes. The £10,000 grant will go towards YorSpace’s first development of 19 environmentally sustainable, cooperatively owned, community focussed homes at Lowfield Green, Acomb.

A special thank you goes to our Director, Sue Bird for her efforts in completing the application for YorSpace!

We’re delighted with the award of the Power to Change Community Shares Booster Programme grant! It will help YorSpace develop our community share offer, allowing people to invest in community led development in York. We’re bringing a new offer of development finance into the city, which will help lower the development costs of Lowfield Green and help us deliver homes that are accessible to a greater pool of people on diverse incomes.

“We believe putting business in community hands for charitable purposes transforms places…This grant will help YorSpace become less grant dependent and provide much needed services for local people to meet charitable needs”

David Chater, Head of Community Business Funds at Power to Change

“The Booster Programme is a great opportunity for groups to develop and idea that can innovatively use community shares as a funding mechanism to develop, grow and sustain community businesses”

Alice Wharton, Programme Manager at the Community Shares Unit

The next step for the YorSpace team is to finalise our business model and share offer in order to achieve Community Shares Standard Mark accreditation ahead of launching the offer in the second half of 2018.

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