YorSpace is delighted to announce that FULL Detailed Planning permission was approved for our design proposals for our 19 homes at Lowfield Green by Planning Committee yesterday… the Committee unanimously voted in favour of our application with a string of supportive comments for our approach.

This is a huge moment and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE involved in getting us this far… all our Directors, members, funders, supporters and especially our consultants – most notably Jimm Reed of Coho for project management, Chris Walker & Andrew Jarman of Native Architects for their design skills in delivering the Lowfield Green Resident brief and Liz Watson of LAND Design for the beautiful landscape designs.

Below are a couple of links to recordings of the meeting if you’re interested in seeing it play out..

Firstly, YorSpace’s James Newton speaking in favour of the application for 3 minutes here…

…the whole session is SEVENTEEN minutes long though so if you want to avoid hearing James BANG ON on about how great we are (!) and fast forward to the bit where The Committee say nice things..

Then that starts here