FOUR years after first forming as an organisation… YorSpace can excitedly announced that we have planning permission for our proposals at Lowfield Green, Acomb!

Lowfield Green, the former Lowfields School site, is where YorSpace are looking to develop York’s first cohousing community. The site is currently owned by City of York Council and YorSpace have an exclusivity agreement in place to purchase a portion of the site. The Council is developing the remainder of the site to include other types of houses, bungalows, an Elder Persons Care facility, a Health Hub and an open green space.

An Outline planning application for the whole site was submitted by City of York Council in 2017 and on the 16th August, the City of York Planning Committee approved plans for the wider City of York Council development, which included the Community self build plot prioritised for YorSpace to develop.

Lowfield Masterplan

YorSpace have been in discussions with City of York Council since October 2016 about developing a portion of the site to create 19 homes in the South East corner – the area identified as “Community Build Plot” on the plan above.

If you’re interested to see “what went down” then there is a recording of the meeting here:

The agenda item we were interested in was 3c) Former Lowfield School, Dijon Avenue, York [17/02429/OUTM] and it starts at 00:46:26

James Newton from YorSpace spoke to the press after the committee meeting and there is a link to the York Press article story on the decision.

The YorSpace team are continuing to work hard on finalising the design and are looking forward to completing the purchase of the site and appointment of the contractor to carry out the works later in 2018… #WatchthisYorSpace!