At the YorSpace AGM in April 2020 members voted to elect Directors to sit on the Board. Find out more about them here.

By the way, the Board still has room to grow and is inviting expressions of interest for the roles of Director, Secretary or Treasurer. If you’d like to be part of the team steering YorSpace into the future contact us on [](<mailto:>) to find out how.

- Sue -

Sue co-founded YorSpace because she believes that houses should be built by the people who live in them and that this will create warm and thriving communities that will benefit everyone. She continues to work to bring Lowfield Green to completion which she hopes will be the first of many similar developments across York.

Sue is a biological scientist by profession and enjoys applying her skills in innovation and practical problem solving from the sciences to tackle the problems of community-led housing.

- Dave -

Dave has been a member of YorSpace for over three years and a resident of York since 1999. A software developer by profession, Dave also manages a small plantation woodland with a lifelong plan to return it to its natural state. Dave has a degree in Architecture and has been interested in environmentally sustainable building for over 25 years.

In YorSpace Dave has been involved in developing proposals for the Lowfields site and has been part of the Energy Team investigating and recommending sustainable options for heating and powering the homes. He was also part of the team who developed the MHOS model to meet YorSpace’s requirements.

- Imelda -

Imelda is a freelance regeneration consultant who runs her own business which specialises in working with communities to develop and deliver long term sustainable urban renewal projects. In addition, she has recently qualified as a Community-Led Homes Accredited Adviser.

Imelda has nearly 20 years’ experience in community regeneration, having started her career in the private sector. She is passionate about helping build communities which are diverse, welcoming and vibrant, and particularly keen to see more affordable homes built for people on lower incomes. She has worked on a wide range of regeneration projects which have repurposed local places and spaces to make them fit for the 21st Century. She has previously been a Director of the Red Tower in York and a Member of the Board of Yorkshire Housing.

- James -

James is co-founder and Director of YorSpace and is looking forward to becoming a resident member of Lowfield Green Housing Co-op.

James is a freelance designer and a specialist in low carbon architecture and bio-based construction materials with experience in delivering a wide range of community and residential projects. James is organised, driven and a committed active YorSpace member - involved in several of the Lowfield Green working teams. Having recently accredited as a Community-Led Housing Enabler, James is working with several groups in the Yorkshire region building a strong knowledge base and network in the community-led housing sector.

- John -

Starting as a Housing Trainee at the LB Southwark in the late 70’s John has spent most of his career managing council housing in Yorkshire. Having moved to Sheffield in 1983 and subsequently to York in 1994 and working in all the Ridings John rose through the ranks to become Assistant Director of Housing Services at York, Chief Executive of Leeds North West Homes, Director of Housing for Hull and finally Executive Director at Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.

In addition, John has also served as a board member for York Housing Association, York Energy Advice Centre and the Good Homes Alliance.

- Darren -

Darren has been a member of YorSpace for around three years and has lived in York his whole life. He completed a PhD in social policy at the University of York in 2016 which examined experiences of risk in the housing market, particularly how the lack of protection private renters in the UK have from eviction impacts on their ability to feel at home and put down roots. Since graduating he’s worked in policy advocacy, conducting research and lobbying for policy change on housing, the energy system and climate change. Darren currently works at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation leading the policy team’s work in calling for everyone to have access to affordable, decent housing.

Darren was drawn to becoming a Director of Yorspace as he sees first hand the problem with the housing system nationally and in York both through his work and as a frustrated private renter and wants to be part of delivering sustainable, forever affordable homes on Lowfield Green and on future developments.