We’re tickled pink to have been chosen by the Cooperative Community Fund as one of the local causes supported by their marvellous members’ reward scheme!

This means that Co-op shoppers who opt to become Co-op members are supporting local causes in their area by generating donations each time they shop at no extra cost to themselves.

It’s a brilliantly simple scheme and we’re honoured to be chosen to participate in this important fundraising opportunity which will support our first co-operatively owned housing development at Lowfield Green in York.

We need your help

If you’re a Co-op shopper we’re calling on you to get behind our fundraising efforts by directing your donations our way. It’s a doddle to do it - here’s how:

-> If you’re not already a Co-op member, sign up to become one

-> Use your online Co-op account to search for local causes near you

-> Select Lowfield Green Housing Co-op as the cause you want to support (or click this link to go straight to it)

-> Give yourself a pat on the back! Now every time you shop at Co-op flash your Co-op members card to generate a donation that will wing it’s way to our fundraising pot!