How the share offer will work

The money we’re raising will fund our first nineteen permanently affordable new homes at Lowfield Green. Pioneering a new model of home ownership, they’ll enable community-focused living while providing an income stream to fund further new developments.

View our share offer prospectus

More details including our Society’s Rules, Share Offer Document, Business Plan and Accounts are available on Ethex.

Key information

  • Competitive 2.5% return
  • Withdraw after three years
  • Minimum investment amount £250


  1. March 2019 - planning approved
  2. May 2019 - applications for residents open
  3. September 2019 - share offer launch
  4. November 2019 – share offer end, begin build
  5. Winter 2020 – completion & move in
Plans for the Lowfield Green site. Download these plans

Frequently asked questions

How do I invest in YorSpace?

Our share offer is hosted by Ethex, a recognised ethical investment platform, so you can be assured that a trusted third party is holding your money securely.

We advise all potential investors to read our share offer document and business plan, which can be found on the Ethex site.

To invest, head to our page on the Ethex site, and look for the apply for shares button.

How do share withdrawals work?

Investments can be withdrawn after three years.

To keep the organisation capitalised, the total share volume across all investors that can be withdrawn per year is limited to 5% of total share capital.

In a scenario where all investors chose to draw out their investment equally, withdrawal of all share interest (above capital) would take 33 years to complete.

To help potential investors understand how much they could withdraw per year in this scenario, we've created four forecasts based on different levels of investment. You can view the forecasts here.

In reality an individual’s withdrawal rate may vary due to different investors withdrawing their capital at different rates.

Do you have any other sources of money?

We secured grant money to cover the 15% deposit for purchasing the land. Our £475,000 share offer will raise the money to buy the land, cover fees and YorSpace’s development costs during the build phase.

We’ve secured the support of the Booster Programme – funded by Power to Change and run by the Community Shares Unit – meaning up to £100,000 is available to match applications for shares from the public. This means for every pound invested by individuals, another pound will be invested in shares by the Booster Programme, up to a maximum of £100,000.

Once our first development is complete, we’ll have an income stream that enables us to undertake further projects in York

What is the minimum investment amount?

Our minimum investment amount is £250.

Does investing carry risks?

Investments are at risk and people considering investing should read the business plan in full to i) understand these risks and ii) understand the strategies YorSpace have put in place to minimise them. Only by doing so will you be able to determine whether the investment is suitable for you.

Our business plan is available on the Ethex website

Who can invest in YorSpace?

Anyone who wants to be involved in creating community-led, not for profit housing in York can invest.

By investing, you'll become a shareholder member. There is no geographic, income, experience or other types of qualifications necessary to become a shareholder member of YorSpace.

As a Community Benefit Society there is only one type of YorSpace membership and this gives every member equal voting rights. Therefore each shareholder only has one vote regardless of how many community shares they own.